3dspeedo is a high-tech speedometer designed for use on Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas servers. Originally developed by Funstein and Beatles1 for WhySoSerious RPG, the script was open-sourced as part of the server's transparency policy.

Stylish and easy to operate. On all vehicles.

Get in a vehicle to start the speedometer. It will start displaying your vehicle health, nitro status and speed right next to the driver’s door.

The speedometer is highly customizable through the variables in the script header.

Drawing its original inspiration from a script made for Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, the speedometer has broken ground in the MTA speedometer genre with its unique style and implementation.

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Flexible. Even for you fogeyish fossils.

Easily switch to the (stupid!) imperial system by typing /speedounit.

Not happy with the 3d looks? Lacking complete visual taste? Switch to a 2d speedometer by typing /speedotype.

Both functions are to be persistently implemented into the upcoming settings panel.

Upcoming (modular) settings panel to allow color, position, size changing.

All customization settings are to be made togglable by server administators.

Modular. Extra stuff you can disable.

Speedometer ships with a Nitrous control system in order to allow NOS toggling like NFS games, in order to make NOS display more meaningful.

Nitrous control module also supports infinite NOS for teams listed on the script file.

It is easy to modify the authorization part of the infinite NOS system. Documentation will be uploaded shortly.

Have an alternative NOS control system? Easily disable the entire part by commenting out the module from the meta file.

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